daily record book in **nursery**Learning Journals 

We love seeing our children develop in our nursery and we know that our parents do too, which is why we maintain a learning journal  for each child. All staff observe, record, assess and evaluate to help with the on-going development of your child during their time with us here at Rainbow Tots. It is amazing to see the tiny babies we take in, develop, grow up and leave us for school, in what seems no time at all.  The learning journal is a book for us to write down those all important observations, and to record and remember the little things as well as the big achievements each child makes and we ask parents to also contribute to their child's journal as children may relate to things that they have learnt from nursery at home,or achieve a mile stone which contributes to building a good working relatiohship with our parents.  

Our parents give us great feedback about the journals and although it's not the same as being with your child, we aim to try and give you as much information about their busy day as we can recording not just activities and learning they have been involved with but also their complete development in communication, language, physical , personal and social skills.